Whiteboard: VMware vSAN

And yet another series, I’d like to call it – Whiteboard. It’s about me trying to give a little deeper  dive into a specific subject in the format of whiteboarding. So the first session will be a closer look at VMware vSAN.

Swedish only.

In 5 minutes: VMware AppDefense

The latest addition to VMwares security portfolio is called AppDefense, let’s have a look at it in 5 minutes.

Swedish only.

In 5 minutes: Veeam ONE

Next up: Veeam ONE. A solution for many things, such as:

Capacity planning

Let’s have a short discussion.

Swedish only.

In 5 minutes: VMware vSAN

“In 5 minutes”-series, we’ll discuss VMware vSAN.

Swedish only.

In 5 minutes: VMware ROBO

Continuing the “In 5 minutes”-series with a discussion relating more to licenses than technology. A talk about licensing remote offices and branch offices for use with vSphere, vSAN and NSX.

Swedish only.


In 5 minutes: Veeam Backup & Replication

The series continues with Veeam’s flagship product for backing up and restoring virtual machines, files and objects from applications. And replicating VMs.

Swedish only.

A new series: “In 5 minutes” starting with VMware NSX

I introduced a series a while back called “How and why”, the premise of the series was to provide input on specific functions or features from products I love to use – starting with a short powerpoint presentation followed by a hands-on  part showing how to use or enable the function/feature. Each video is roughly 30 minutes long.

In contrast, the new series is really all about showing the 10 000 meter view in about 5 minutes or so. Short and snappy. So it’s by no means intended to be exhaustive, the be all end all, describing every single feature and function or benefit of the product but enough information for you to at least get a sense of the product and it’s capabilities.

So the episode I’ll start off the new series with is called “VMware NSX in 5 minutes” or is it’s actually called “VMware NSX på 5 minuter” since it’s in swedish.  And the format is sort of a whiteboard (or rather notebook) session.

Sorry, swedish only: