Whiteboard: VMware vSAN

And yet another series, I’d like to call it – Whiteboard. It’s about me trying to give a little deeper  dive into a specific subject in the format of whiteboarding. So the first session will be a closer look at VMware vSAN.

Swedish only.

In 5 minutes: VMware ROBO

Continuing the “In 5 minutes”-series with a discussion relating more to licenses than technology. A talk about licensing remote offices and branch offices for use with vSphere, vSAN and NSX.

Swedish only.


A new series: “In 5 minutes” starting with VMware NSX

I introduced a series a while back called “How and why”, the premise of the series was to provide input on specific functions or features from products I love to use – starting with a short powerpoint presentation followed by a hands-on  part showing how to use or enable the function/feature. Each video is roughly 30 minutes long.

In contrast, the new series is really all about showing the 10 000 meter view in about 5 minutes or so. Short and snappy. So it’s by no means intended to be exhaustive, the be all end all, describing every single feature and function or benefit of the product but enough information for you to at least get a sense of the product and it’s capabilities.

So the episode I’ll start off the new series with is called “VMware NSX in 5 minutes” or is it’s actually called “VMware NSX på 5 minuter” since it’s in swedish.  And the format is sort of a whiteboard (or rather notebook) session.

Sorry, swedish only:

VMworld day 2

The theme for the second keynote could be described as storytelling, but it all started with Pat Gelsinger and Michael Dell answering a few questions from the VMworld attendees. Questions ranging from support issues to whatd does the future look like. However, going back to the storytelling. In order to provide us in the audience a sense where all products fit in, we were presented with a ficticious company called Elastic Sky Pizza (with a nod back to the past in the name) that were having some issues. With the VMware portfolio quickly becoming filled to the brim with products I think it was a good approach to talk us through the solutions and products used and at what stage they were used to solve Elastic Sky Pizza’s problems.

And a few new products and updates were also annonuced such as Horizion version 7.3, Pivotal Container Service, Workspace ONE and Horizon Cloud.

VMworld day 1

So this is it, now the future begins. Before Pat Gelsinger took the stage a painter created a piece of work using VR, interesting to see:

At stage Pat Gelsinger today annonunced new cloud services but amongst others but the most interesting announcement made was AppDefense a technology that will help us stop chasing bad and instead ensuring good as Pat Gelsinger put it.

AppDefense will basically learn how the applications work in your virtual machines and create a manifest that will be used to protect the applications from doing things it’s not supposed to do.

And  today VMware Cloud on AWS as an offering is available. Will be really interesting to see the adoption rate.

VMware Cloud Foundation is update to a new version.

All announcemnts can be found here.

VMworld Partnerday

A short summary of the day: Sunday, the day before the big event, is dedicated to partners. I spent the day in really interesting sessions ranging from vSAN Networking design to NSX selling. A all sessions were informative and exciting,  the one that had the biggest impact on me was a session called NSX assessment led selling. 

Now I’m really looking forward to the main event starting tomorrow.