VMworld day 2

The theme for the second keynote could be described as storytelling, but it all started with Pat Gelsinger and Michael Dell answering a few questions from the VMworld attendees. Questions ranging from support issues to whatd does the future look like. However, going back to the storytelling. In order to provide us in the audience a sense where all products fit in, we were presented with a ficticious company called Elastic Sky Pizza (with a nod back to the past in the name) that were having some issues. With the VMware portfolio quickly becoming filled to the brim with products I think it was a good approach to talk us through the solutions and products used and at what stage they were used to solve Elastic Sky Pizza’s problems.

And a few new products and updates were also annonuced such as Horizion version 7.3, Pivotal Container Service, Workspace ONE and Horizon Cloud.